Desert Plants

Desert Plants for the Southwest

Variegated century plant for Desert Landscaping

Variegated century plant Desert Landscaping

Variegated century plant for desert landscaping. The Agave (Agave americana ‘Marginata). It is a plant that is suited for the desert Southwest.  Long stripped fronds that end with sharp needle-like points.  With yellow stripes on the edges of the fronds. Why is it called the Century Plant? In about its 25th or 30th year, It […]

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The Claret Cup Cactus Southwest Garden

The Claret Cup Cactus Southwest Garden. (Echinocereus triglochidiatus)is in the hedgehog family of cactus. Best used in the Xeriscaping landscape. It is also called the Kingcup Cactus, Mojave Cactus, and the Hedgehog Cactus. They produce these bright orange blooms mainly in late spring or early summer throughout the Southwest. It is found in southern California, […]

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List of Xeriscaping Plants – Low Water

List of Xeriscaping Plants – Low Watering List of Xeriscaping Plants. These plants are used for low-water landscapes. They are desert plants but can produce beautiful flowers and foliage colors. If you want to see what they will look like in your yard you can go here.  Submit Your Garden Photo.    Ocotillo Fouquieria splendens The […]

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ocotillo front yard

The Ocotillo Plant – Desert Landscaping

The Ocotillo plant produces long canes that produce bright orange blooms during the early spring seasons. This plant is a drought-tolerant plant. They also produce curved thorns that will penetrate almost anyone or thing who might want to pick it up by its branches.  The foliage is small oval-shaped leaves that will fall off in […]

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