Drought Tolerant Trees Southwest Ideas

Drought Tolerant Trees Southwest.  This list is for those looking for trees that will do well in the desert Southwest area.

The Honey Mesquite tree – Prosopis glandulosa.  It will grow about 30 ft. tall and wide. Deciduous and will grow sweet bean-like pods. Want to see the Honey Mesquite tree in your landscape area?  Submit your Garden Photo.

USDA Zones 6 – 9

Drought Tolerant Trees Southwest Ideas
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The Palo Verde Tree – Parkinsonia aculeata.  Will grow to about 40 ft. tall and wide.  The Common Palo Verde does produce thorns but not the Desert Museum variety.

USDA Zones 8 – 9

The Live Oak Tree Quercus virginiana – About 50 tall and wide larger after 30 years or so.  Moderate Water after being well established. Typically about 4-5 years after initial planting.

USDA Zones 7 – 10


The Vitex Tree – agnus-castus . Also called the Chaste tree.  Growth rate about 20 ft. tall and wide.  Sometimes larger after 40-50 years of growth.  Deciduous and drought are tolerant.

USDA Zone 5 – 9

Afghan Pine – Pinus Eldarica.  Also called the Mondell, and Desert Pine.
Grows up to 60ft. tall and 30ft wide.  It will drop lots of pine needles and cones.

USDA Zone 6 – 8

Chinese Push Pistache – Probably one the hardiest trees in and around the Southwest area.  Drought tolerant and will turn a burgundy red color in Autumn.  Deciduous and will grow about 40 ft. tall and wide.

USDA Zone 6 – 9

Drought Tolerant Trees Southwest
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Drought Tolerant Trees Southwest Ideas

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