California Fan Palm Southwest

California fan palm Southwest – Washingtonia filifera.  A good-looking fan palm for that tropical look.  One of the hardier palms for colder regions of the Southwest.  Thick trunk and fronds that will give you shade.

It’s best to remove the bark or skin of these Palm for a smooth aesthetic look. However, it is best to wait until the Palm tree is well established. If you live in colder regions of the southwest temperatures can drop to about 10° Fahrenheit during mid-winter.

Trimming a California Fan Palm

Trimming palm trees requires a good knowledge of how this should be done. Short palms that have recently been planted are easy to trim, however, when they grow tall it is best to hire professionals.   How to trim tall palm trees. 

California Fan Palm Southwest
California Palm with a smooth trunk.

The growth rate is moderate and will grow about 30-40 ft. tall and the fronds will extend about 40 ft wide.  Once it becomes established it does become drought tolerant.

Problems with The California fan palm

Ganoderma Root root rot is one big problem. Ganoderma zonatum is a fungus that can infect many types of palms. Not trimming off the fronds can be a problem many types of rodents and insects love to lay their eggs inside these older cut-off fronds. However, it is best to wait at least 3-4 years after initial planting. The bark will act as a coat during the cold mid-season winter.

Nice looking California Fan Palm in front of this Southwest-style home. Would you like to see what this Palm tree would look like in your front yard? Click on the image.

Learn about other Palms over at Palm Trees of the Southwest.


NameScientific NameUSDA ZoneWater UsageFlowerHeight - Width
California Fan Palm Washingtonia filiferaZones 8b-11Moderate-LowNo50 ft. tall
15 ft. wide top crown


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