Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape

Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape

Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape.  A great looking tree for those looking for low water and shade.


The Honey Mesquite Tree (Prosopis glandulosa). It loves the hot Southwest region sun. Place it where the sun shines all day long.  It is a drought-tolerant tree that thrives in sandy or poor soil.  However, it is best to use well-composted soil for a better-looking tree.
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Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape


The Honey Mesquite will produce curved-like pods that fall on the ground.  These pods are edible and sweet tasting.  However, they will make a mess on the ground so there is some maintenance involved during late spring or early fall.

Dark green fern-like foliage in spring, summer, and into mid-fall.  It is a deciduous tree and is almost disease and insect tolerant.

You should prune off the bottom suckers and other smaller limbs at the bottom and it will continue to grow into a nice medium-sized tree about 15 maybe 20ft. tall.  The tree has thick dark brown bark that protects it from the intense southwest heat and the cold winters.

It does have vicious thorns that will stop anyone from climbing this tree. The main trunk and a few of the bottom branches will typically not produce these thorns.


Honey Mesquite Trees - Southwest
Mesquite bean pods hanging from a Honey Mesquite Tree.
Honey Mesquite Trees – Southwest

Facts about the Honey Mesquite Tree

Water – Drought tolerant after it becomes well established typically after the 3rd of initial planting.

USDA Garden Zone – 6-9

Growth size – About 20ft. tall and 10 – 15 wide

Lifespan – Some Mesquite can live up to 200 years.

Thorns – Yes, it does. The honey mesquite tree does have very large vicious thorns on most of the large and smaller branches.  However, the trunk of the honey Mesquite does not produce them.

There are other types of Mesquites learn more here – The Mesquite Tree.

Want to see what this tree looks like in your landscape area?

No Trees in front of this home
Southwest style home before adding a Honey Mesquite Tree
Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape
Same home after adding the Mesquite tree in the front yard

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Honey Mesquite Trees Southwest Landscape

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