Jacaranda Tree

Jacaranda Trees landscape

Jacaranda Trees landscape. Botanical Name – Jacaranda mimosifolia.  A tree with spectacular long-lasting violet-like blooms. In its natural habitat it will grow up to 50 ft. or so.  It is native to Bolivia and Argentina and considered a sub-tropical tree.  It will thrive in places where there is lots of humidity.

It goes by many names Black poui, Blue Jacaranda, Blue trumpet tree, and around the Southern part of California the fern tree.  There are about 50 species of this tree.  It thrives in areas where the temperatures rarely go below 30° Fahrenheit.

Will it do well in my Yard?

It basically grows in Southern Florida, Deep South Texas, the Western part of Arizona, and up and down the coastal parts of California.  It does well in USDA zones 9b through 11 and thrives in soil that is slightly acid.

It is a perfect tree for the front yard for a fantastic curb appeal when it blooms.  The flower is lavender almost purple blooms and Fern-like foliage in late summer and fall.

They will have a hard time growing out of their USDA zones but if you are lucky enough to find one in colder regions you could grow them indoors.

A sub-tropical tree native to south-central South America find out more about this fantastic looking tree at wikipedia.com


Jacaranda Trees landscape

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Jacaranda Trees landscape
The purple flower and the fern-like leaf of the Jacaranda tree.

Jacaranda Tree Southwest Landscape
Southwestern style house with rock garden landscaping

Is this tree drought tolerant?

It is a moderate watering tree and will do well in desert-type landscapes but needs a good watering system to ensure good growth and health.

Problems with this tree?  It is basically an insect-resistant tree. But It is susceptible to “Jacaranda tree disease“.

Occasionally aphids and scale insects will attack this tree. For an organic way to kill these insects try using Insecticidal soaps.  How to use insecticidal soaps.


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