The Claret Cup Cactus Southwest Garden

The Claret Cup Cactus Southwest Garden. (Echinocereus triglochidiatus)is in the hedgehog family of cactus. Best used in the Xeriscaping landscape. It is also called the Kingcup Cactus, Mojave Cactus, and the Hedgehog Cactus.

They produce these bright orange blooms mainly in late spring or early summer throughout the Southwest.

It is found in southern California, Arizona, New Mexico, and West Texas.

It also produces spines that are deciduous meaning most of these spines will fall off and regrow new ones in early spring.

Is it succulent?

Like most cactus, It is considered a succulent shrub and one of the easiest cactuses to grow. The flowers get pollinated by bees, hummingbirds, and other types of flying insects.


The Claret Cup Cactus Southwest Garden


The Claret Cup Cactus - Southwest Garden
The bright orange flower of the Claret Cup Cactus

Where to plant the Claret Cup Cactus

It needs full hot sun… the more sun during the day the better. A good idea is to plant several in a row for a burst of color when they bloom.  Normally from mid-spring until mid-summer. The colorful blooms will last about 3-4 weeks then it’s basically green year-round.  The best thing about this cactus is that it is easy to grow and hardy in colder regions.

It is also a good plant to use inside a Southwest Desert-type courtyard. They love the reflected heat that is generated from the adobe or brick walls.


The Claret Cup Cactus - Southwest Garden

Problems with this Cactus

The biggest concern is Mealybugs. These insects (cochineal bugs) are soft body insects that have a white waxy filament that looks a lot like cotton.  They should be treated quickly as they will devour your plant.  Mealybugs love all types of cactus, agave, and other desert-type plants.

Use a good systemic insecticide to remove. Also, spraying with insecticides will work however it will take several applications to kill these pests.  Another good way to remove Mealybugs is to spray them with a strong stream of water.  The force of the water will knock them off.

Mealybug infestion on a cactus paddle.


The Claret Cup Cactus – Southwest Garden

Here is some in-depth reading on this type of Cactus.

Want to see what this cactus would look like in your area?

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Common NameScientific NameUSDA ZoneWater UsageFlowerHeight - Width
Claret Cup CactusEchinocereus triglochidiatus8-10LowBright Red Orange5" - 7"
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