Garden Ideas for the Southwest


Where is the Southwest USA region?

Garden Ideas for the Southwest USA.  The southwest USA is basically the following places.  West California, southern Nevada, Utah, and Colorado.  It also encompasses all of New Mexico, Arizona, and West Texas. Northern Mexico is also part of this Garden map.

Map of the Southwest USA Region

Southwest Garden Ideas
Image by Amber Avalona from Pixabay

Also known as the American Southwest. The area is made up of several Deserts. Starting with the Mojave, Sonoran, and Chihuahuan Deserts. Southern Colorado Plateau, Utah, and Nevada are also considered the Southwest.

Desert or Xeriscaping with low water plants in the Southwest makes sense.  What this website does is help you find the right plants to use for medium to low water usage landscape. Whether it’s for a business location or a small backyard.

What is “Xeriscape”?

A Xeriscape landscape means watering with low water plants via a drip system techniques. However, it does not mean you have to use colorless, boring, non-blooming plants.  Many desert plants are colorful and will produce fantastic looking flowers plus they will help you save water.

There is also Zeroscape which means a landscape with nothing but rocks, boulders, or crushed granite. This means no plants or trees in Zeroscape.

Here is a List of Xeriscaping Plants to consider for your landscaping needs.

Xeriscaping plants for the Southwest

Garden Ideas for the Southwest