Blue Glow Agave

Blue Glow Agave Plant Information

Blue Glow Agave Plant Information.  A drought-tolerant agave that will grow about 3 maybe 4 ft. tall and wide. But, best to water at least once per week or at least twice per month for a better-looking plant. It is a succulent this means over-watering and it will develop root -rot.

Make sure to have good drainage and loose soil. Cactus mix or soil is what it likes. Do not water during the winter months.

The sharply pointed fronds are smooth and green-bluish in color. It will produce a bloom shooting out from the middle of the plant. This stalk shoots out about 8 ft. tall and is yellow in color. Very little pruning but best to trim off the bottom fronds if they start to turn a dark brown color.
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Blue Glow Agave
Blue Glow Agave – Agave Blue Glow Png


Blue Glow Agave
Beautiful Blue Glow Agave in a walkway landscape. Image courtesy of


The Blue Glow Agave will look excellent in a Xeriscape garden, rock landscape, or Mediterranean style garden. It is a hardy plant and is disease and insect-resistant. In rare cases, mealybugs might attack it spraying with a strong stream of water will remove these insects.

They do not like hard freezes cover it with burlap or a thermal plant cover when temperatures get below 25° during the winter months.

Taller agave like the Variegated Century Plant is a good idea.

Companion Plants

Taller plants like Yuccas or Dallas Red Lantana in the background will liven up your desert landscape.

Blue Glow Agave Plant Information

Common NameScientific NameUSDA ZoneWater UsageFlowerHeight - Width
Blue Glow AgaveAgave attenuata x Agave ocahui8-11Low - ModerateYellow Stalk3 ft. tall
2 ft. wide
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