List of Xeriscaping Plants – Low Water

List of Xeriscaping Plants – Low Watering

List of Xeriscaping Plants. These plants are used for low-water landscapes. They are desert plants but can produce beautiful flowers and foliage colors.

If you want to see what they will look like in your yard you can go here.  Submit Your Garden Photo. 


Ocotillo Fouquieria splendens

The Ocotillo will produce tubular flowers that are bright orange and will last from mid-spring until early summer, sometimes longer if the conditions are right. Want to see what the Ocotillo plant would look like in your yard or landscape design? Submit your garden photo. 


Organ pipe cactus – Stenocereus thurberi – Drought Tolerant cactus for Southwest Garden. Will grow up to 15′ tall and 10′ wide. USDA Zone 5-11

Senita Cactus – Pachycereus schottii.  Pale pink Flowers.  Learn more about these cacti over at wikipedia.com

Fishhook Cactus – Mammillaria.  Growth is about 3-4ft. tall and wide. Large fishhook spines that will hook and not let go of anyone or anything that tries to remove or eat this cactus.


Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus – Echinocereus engelmannii.  Beautiful lavender color blooms.  They will bloom in the mid-to-late spring seasons.

List of Xeriscaping Plants

Teddy Bear Cholla – Opuntia bigelovii.  Fuzzy fronds or arms make this plant unique.  It is easy to remove an arm and plant it in cactus soil and it will root. Be sure to wear heavy gloves. Do not let spines touch any part of your body.

Leucophyllum Texas Sage will bloom dark purple flowers in late summer and more often after heavy rainfall. An evergreen plant once it is established. USDA Zone 8-11.


Sotol  – Dasylirion wheeleri
Also called the Desert Spoon.  The plant will grow about 5 ft. in height but the plume will shoot out about 15 ft. tall.

Sotol plant


Red Tip Yucca – Hesperaloe parviflora

Spanish Broom – Spartium junceum.  It will grow about 12-14 ft. tall.  Bright yellow flowers in late spring or early summer.  Very fragrant honey vanilla scent.

Saguaro – Carnegiea gigantea – Slow-growing cactus but will reach heights of 50 ft.  Some Saguaros will produce numerous arms up to 40 or so.  They do not like temperatures under 20° Fahrenheit. Will grow well in South-West Arizona and the eastwestern part of California. Learn more about Saguaros at Wikipedia.

List of Xeriscape Plants

Apache Plume – Fallugia paradox.
Will grow to about 5-6 ft. tall—white flowering petals against dark foliage.

Apache Plume

Red Bird of Paradise – Caesalpinia pulcherrima
A very attractive plant that will bloom from late spring until mid-fall.  Bright orange blooms will liven up any desert landscape.  See more images and information here. Red Bird of Paradise Plant.

List of Xeriscaping Plants

Yellow Bird of Paradise



Lantana Camara – There are many types of Lantana plants. They will bloom from late spring until mid-fall. More information about Lantana plants.


Variegated Century Plant  – Agave americana ‘Marginata
Want to see what this Agave would look like in your landscape area?
Submit Your Garden Photo

List of Xeriscaping Plants

The Blue Glow Agave is a new type of Agave.  It grows to about 1.2 ft. maybe 2 ft. quickly.  It is a great little desert plant that is drought-tolerant and green year-round. The fronds are lined with a small red line from the bottom towards the top of its sharp spine. It is also good to use in containers perfect for those who want to move from one spot to another.

List of Xeriscaping Plants

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    • Fred Lechtenberg
    • June 28, 2021

    What shrubs or cactus for hummingbird should I look into. I have a magnolia tree with white flowers . It has 2 ft. bare ground around it. I am in Mission, Tx

    1. Reply

      Hello, Fred. One good cactus that will attract hummingbirds are the Claret Cup Cactus. Learn more here… The Claret Cup Cactus.
      Here is a website page that mentions plants that attract butterflies. If it attracts butterflies they will also attract Hummingbirds.

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