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The Ocotillo Plant – Desert Landscaping

The Ocotillo plant produces long canes that produce bright orange blooms during the early spring seasons. This plant is a drought-tolerant plant. They also produce curved thorns that will penetrate almost anyone or thing who might want to pick it up by its branches.  The foliage is small oval-shaped leaves that will fall off in mid-autumn.

There are many who think the stems are dead but after further examination, they are viable stem or branch.  Additional watering during the early spring will produce small foliage that indicates a viable stem.

Botanical Name – Fouquieria splendens

The life Span of the Ocotillo is about 60 years.

USDA Hardiness Zones 9b.

A typical Southwest Style home before adding the Ocotillo Plant

The Ocotillo Plant - Desert Landscaping
southwestern style house with rock garden landscaping

The same home after we plugged in the Ocotillo image.

The Ocotillo Plant - Desert Landscaping
Southwestern style house with rock garden and Ocotillo plant. 

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